May 13, 2005

Zoop zoop zoop.

In case you're just tuning in, here are some things you might have missed (edited on 2/14/07):

  • I'm Tiffany.
  • I began this blog in January of 2004. I think.
  • I'm married to Scott.
  • We live in the Bullshit City - Durham, NC.
  • I am a UNC grad.
  • Go Tar Heels.
  • We have two domestic shorthair cats: Bodie and Puffy Savage.
  • I work in a headhunter's office.
  • I am the office wench.
  • I nag people to work harder so that my salary will go up.
  • I would really like to stay home. I stay home.
  • I have 2 siblings that I speak to. The others are scattered throughout the country in the Webb Diaspora. We're not really close.
  • I avoid phone calls from family members because I fear that they'll tell me I need more Jesus in my life.
  • I don't want to have to explain my lack of religion to them.
  • I'm left-brained only when convenient.
  • I have a sharp wit that often makes people feel small. They therefore get annoyed because they don't "get" it.
  • The people who pretend to get it annoy me.
  • This blog is called blown fuse because it just seemed appropriate. When we first moved into our house, I tried to plug something in to an outlet in the living room. It blew up and threw the entire circuit into fuckeditude.
  • I'd like to be a stay-at-home parent. I am a stay-at-home parent.
  • I'd need a kid or two, first. I have a baby boy named Roland.
  • Once I quit this job, I'm not coming back. I quit and haven't been back.
  • Seriously.
  • I'm not.
  • I knit.
  • I own the soundtrack of the originial cast recording of the musical "Hair."
  • Due to a "psychological leave of absence" (a.k.a. laziness), I was a Super Senior at UNC - it took me five years to graduate.
  • That seems to be a common trend in my office.
  • For two years after I got my booster shots before Kindergarten, I could only tell right from left from the fact that I got all my shots in my right arm.
  • Reptiles skeeve me out.

    Posted by Tiffany at May 13, 2005 07:46 AM
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    Wow, it seems like I've been reading your blog much longer than since 1/04!

    I knew at least half the stuff on your list so I guess I know you pretty well (okay not really, I've just paid attention and kept up on your blog.)

    I think you'd make a great mom.

    I miss your home improvement videos.

    Posted by: Amanda at May 13, 2005 10:49 AM

    You don't need a kid to be a, "stay at home." You have a cat and a husband. Good enough.

    Posted by: Nanc' at May 13, 2005 07:53 PM

    Hey I was a fifth year senior too!

    Posted by: Diana at May 13, 2005 08:53 PM

    Hey, it took me 14 years and 4 schools and 2 majors to graduate. (I took an all expense paid tour of Asia with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children and got married along the way.) My son took an extra semester, because he failed one class. Daughter and son-in-law took the extra year plus a summer session. I wonder how many actually go straight through in 4 years?

    Posted by: Mark at May 22, 2005 11:18 AM

    Hey Girl! Your awesome! I love your site and have even saved it to my favorites! Cant remember how I came across it though.

    Posted by: Chris at May 28, 2005 11:41 PM

    It never ceases to amaze me what turns up when I start surfing... I found your site when googling "proclear compatibles" because I, too, have been to hell and back trying to find these f-ing contacts!! I, too, got screwed by 1-800-contacts and this whole counterfeit business. And, I, too, had to switch eye doctors because mine actually sneered at me when I said nothing fit right. ("Well, you have such huge eyes" he said with digust. Yes, a chain.) I was amused, so I continued to read... I, too, was a fifth year senior. :-) My best friend from college lives in Durham. I am also kidless and dream of staying at home and can't wait to leave my job. See? You're in good company... keep up the good writing!

    Posted by: Becky at June 11, 2005 11:33 PM

    lol #'s 12, 13, & 14 sound SO much like my philosophy toward various members of my family!

    Posted by: Erin Monahan at October 26, 2005 07:01 PM
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