September 20, 2005

Volunteerism is a Southern woman's duty.

Growing up, I was always that kid who got volunteered to do things...even if I was in absentia at the moment. Whether I was tutoring some little stinkin' country kid on reading or delivering fruit baskets to the sick and infirm if there was something benevolent going on in the county I was most certainly involved.

I obviously have problems saying "No."

Well...I've volunteered to be interviewed at Basil's Blog. I don't know when it'll happen, but here's your chance to ask all those pesky little questions you're just itching to know. Like..."What's your shoe size?" and "What do you like to throw when you get mad?"

Here's a freebie: I throw shoes. Flip flops fly the best, though sneakers have a fun bounce.

Head on over and click on the thingamabob by my name. Keep it least as clean as my language. :)

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