November 30, 2005

Don't forget to empty your drawers.

I didn't get nearly what I was supposed to get done today. While we have someone new starting tomorrow, I also was in the process of trying to terminate someone else today. Acutally, this person was terminated two weeks ago, however has been sitting around, twiddling his thumbs, and taking up space in the meanwhile. He hasn't been in the office for two days and had the audacity to complain that I cut his email off.

He's accepted employment with one of our clients. Obviously they don't check references. (Yes, we DO make our employees sign non-compete contracts preventing such incidents from occuring. Interesting that you should ask!)

He spent a good part of ten minutes this afternoon saying goodbye and telling everyone about the "real job" that he has now, and all the money he'll be making, how he'll have a company car and all that.

He then demanded that we treat his equally-lazy twin (who works at my company as well) with respect because he really "wants to work there." No he doesn't. He's already told his supervisor that he'll be looking for a new job wherever his brother relocates to.

I think he's forgotten that he was fired and that nobody really gives a shit about what he wants from them. I think his little speech was classless and undignified. If he doesn't want to work there - fine. It must amuse him endlessly to criticize our company now that he's no longer affiliated with it, and that's okay, however bringing down the morale of the entire staff and detailing how you got hired at your new job (including all the piss tests you've taken over the past week) is totally NOT appropriate in the presense of junior staff. Now my fucking assistants are going to come to me asking why this dude is leaving to work with one of our clients. I can not say, "Because he's a lazy bastard who does just enough to get by until it comes to a head and pisses the guy who signs the paychecks off".

I'll have to make up some diplomatic bullshit that doesn't make me look like I'm jealous.

Which I'm not. I like working there. As much as I bitch about my coworkers' idiocy, I work in a comfortable environment doing work I'm good at. It just pisses me off mightily when people cut others down to raise themselves up.

Some people in the office were giving the old "Wow, that's great!" sentiment. I kept my mouth closed. I think he's a conniving, disloyal individual and since I tuned 10 I've never opened my mouth to spout pleasantries I don't truly feel.

And I didn't tell him "Happy Birthday" either.

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When they ask you can say "As an agent of the company I can only say is no longer working for the company... but I can say that if you like working here and want to stay please don't steal anything or lie about your hours..."

You are just reinforcing a policy and in no way is it related to the former employee.. but they will think it is why that cat left.

Evil Keeme

Posted by: Keeme at December 2, 2005 12:42 PM
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