December 14, 2005

Durham Community Concert Band Christmas Concert

Durham Community Concert Band Christmas ConcertHere's me last night during the Durham Community Concert Band's Christmas concert. Notice my intense concentration. I was really just pretending to busy so that no one would try to strike up a conversation with me about the weather.

The play list included: "'March' from Second Suite in F for Military Band," "Loch Lomond," "Sleigh Ride," "Themes from the Nutcracker Suite," "Russian Christmas Music," "Greensleeves," "A Christmas Festival," and the "Ultimate Christmas "Sing-along."

I had a good time. It had been five or six years since I've had to play an hour of music non-stop, so by the end of the evening my jaw and cheeks were throbbing. When the CDs from the evening get distributed, I'll try to upload a few snippets. I'm particuarly proud of how "Russian Christmas Music" sounded. I was a bit worried after last week's rehearsal.

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