December 09, 2005


Cheesecake FactoryThis week has been long as shit. What made it feel so long was the utter lack of sleep and the fact that my position has reverted me back into a customer service role, which if you've read this blog for any given period of time you'd know I absolutely DESPISE.

Basically, we're administering computer-based tests to people who want to work in airports. We get paid a little bit of change fo doing so. My end of the bargain consists of me escorting them to an available computer, checking two forms of identification, and reading them two pages of explicit instructions. Every time someone comes in to test, I get distracted and side-tracked and so far behind on what I was doing before they came in that it's pointless even trying to get back on a project.

We get three or four of those in every day. Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. we have SIX scheduled to test. Seeing as how my flunkies are otherwise occupied and noone else in the office is qualified to proctor the examinations, it appears that I'll be at work AGAIN tomorrow. And Sunday. By December 17, I would have worked 13 days straight. That's a bit fucked up for an office job.

I don't know how I ended up with the assistants that DON'T take over my grunt work. They're hourly employees. Had it been you, wouldn't you prefer to come into the office for 4 hours on a Saturday when it's quiet to pick up some easy money than to be there during the week when people are piling work on you?

I'm tired. I hope to be able to take a day off pretty soon and catch up on some sleep. My nerves are fried and the upcoming holidays are just intensifying my stress level.

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This too shall pass.

Posted by: Keeme at December 9, 2005 11:59 PM
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