December 17, 2005

Naps are the shit.

They're like a drug that you can't resist and I just woke up from one. I especially like the part where I stretch out beneath a warm blanket, wiggling my toes and doing a little "Yeeeeeeah, boy!" grunt to acknowledge my comfort. Yum.

This morning I heaved myself out of the bed at the asscrack of dawn and drove to work to administer even more of those exams I've been bitching about. Three of the six allotted people who signed up showed up.

I think that's hilarious - people apply for a government job and then two days later don't bother to show up for the screening exam. I guess they don't know how long the Fed's memory is. It's not like one of those "optional" Monday quizzes your Shakespeare professor gives every week for like 1% of your final grade. Heaven forgive they should need to apply again...

We're slated to go to a party tonight that runs from 9 til we drop. Something in my bones tell me that I'm going to embarrass myself by asking to leave before midnight. I'm too old for this shit. Right now I'm going to have a cup of hot tea, try to bend myself enough at the waist to paint my crusty toenails, and then possibly take another brief nap before showering and undertaking the monumental task of dressing.

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